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  Indian news   Social media has become an indispensable part of our lives, and we use it every day to keep in touch with our friends and family. If you’re running your own business, however, it can be challenging to juggle your social media accounts while also working on other aspects of your business and life that deserve your attention too. In order to ensure that you can keep up your active presence on social media without spending too much time on it, consider implementing these 10 tips for keeping your social media engagement high. Educational news   1) Political news Posting too infrequently will make it seem like you don’t care about your community. There’s no need to post incessantly, but you should aim to post at least once every day or two.   2) Online quiz Technology .Sure, it seems easier to just post once per day. But if you share three or four pieces of content per day—say, a link to your latest blog post plus one image and one video—your fans will be exp

Ways to Make Money Online

  Ways to Make Money Online As A Freelancer Being a freelancer is one of the best ways to make money online, but it’s not for everyone. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed as a freelancer, but if you have the will and know how, then you can make a good amount of money just by doing what you love. Consider few things before starting your freelance career: There are many things to consider but the following 10 things to consider before starting a freelance career are really important. 1. Know your market If you don’t know what your customers are looking for, then you won’t be able to provide them with the services they need. You need to be aware of what’s trending in your industry and make sure that you keep up with it. 2. Build a portfolio Having a portfolio is one of the best ways to showcase your skills and experience as a freelancer. Make sure that you put together an impressive portfolio before you start looking for work. 3. Get connected The bes